Know your risk without knowing your customer

Risk Scoring Tools for

Protect your platform

Keeping your platform compliant will help keep the regulators off your back and the bad actors from participating.

Only the info you need

Know about the safety of your platform users without asking for personally identifying documents.

Connecting is simple

Our data is provided by a smart contract oracle, making connecting to your Dapp as easy as possible.

Use Cases

1. Detecting stolen funds

Every year millions of dollars of money moves out of DeFi platforms due to exploits or rug-pulls. Preventing those stolen funds from entering other systems helps to reduce liabilities and reduce incentive for theft -- if it's hard to use those stolen funds, the costs of crime are higher.

2. Adjusting interest rates

Our risk scoring platform can also be adapted to create new unique opportunities for lending markets by adjusting interest rates or increasing necessary collateral based on a wallet's history of activity on other lending platforms.

Ready to try on Ropsten testnet

Want to give our platform a try? A limited set of our data is available to try on testnet so you can check how our oracle responds and to test out as you develop around it.

You can easily communicate with our oracle from a smart contract of your own or through web3.js in your web application.

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